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Over the past decade, meat-based diets have had major criticism from advocates within the food industry. However, it has been proven that a lack of meat within your diet can drastically impact protein, iron, and other nutrient levels in your body. The Butcher’s Market wants to provide you with an

Butcher's Market teamed up with 50+ families at AMF Bowling for the 8th Annual Spare Some for Autism Celebrity Bowl Challenge. We had a great Sunday evening and met a lot of wonderful people!

Congratulations to Mike & Kelly of Raleigh. We pulled their entry from our raffle for Duke Children's Hospital. With your help we will be presenting Duke Children's Hospital with a check for $10,000 next week. Thanks to everyone for their support, we will do something like this again!

Merry Christmas to

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  1. We purchased a salami pack with 4 types of variety. We loved the Coppa hands down. Could you tell us if we could buy the Coppa sliced from a whole log of the salami. Can you tell me how long it would take to pick it up and the cost? We were first time customers and you all were so kind to pack up a free chicket breast. It was also delicious! Thank you so much and we are happy customers and look forward to becoming regular customers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and your loved ones!

  2. First time at Butchers, had a super nice young man serve us, Joel. I bought some crazy sounding fish “sheepshead,” It was delicious! Can’t wait to go back and buy more. Thanks Joel, you were a big help to this old lady…

  3. We recently moved here from MA (Ipswich – the home of Ipswich Shellfish). We had been searching for a place to not only buy steak tips but fresh seafood. For anyone who has relocated here from New England and has been missing fresh seafood and steak tips – look no more. We tried it out this weekend and were more than pleased – it was like being back in MA. We will make a weekly visit to this butchery (if we didn’t live an hour and 20 minutes away, we’d make visits more often). The service was great…..such a wonderful experience.

  4. My wife and I lived in Cary, NC for six years introducing a new restaurant concept in the Carolinas. We moved back to Columbus Ohio two years ago and one of the things we miss most is The Butcher Market
    There is just nothing here that compares
    Keep up the great work

  5. I came to the Butcher’s Market for the first time and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I bought some of the gourmet blend hamburger that I’ve heard so much about from many of my friends. The burgers lived up to the hype, I also bought some marinated steak and it was delicious, flavorful and juicy. The Butcher’s Market got a new customer – between the quality of the meat and the customer service, I’m sold!

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