5 Reasons to Go to Your Neighborhood Butcher

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Sure, it’s one more trip on a Saturday morning, but for many people in the Raleigh and Cary area, the stop at the butcher’s shop is not an indulgence, but a necessary visit. Whether you want to stock up on meat for the week or augment your menu with a special selection, your local butcher provides benefits you just won’t find at the grocery store.

  1. Quality. Think about the meat section at the typical grocery store. Shrink wrapped, pre-portioned, with use-by dates that make it clear that merchandise has been sitting in the case for a while. Now picture the case at a local butcher, like The Butcher’s Market, where the freshest selection of top tier choice and prime grades are on full display. We offer grass-fed beef or beef raised on a diet rich in Midwestern corn to create steaks that are tender and flavorful. Our poultry is raised cage-free, antibiotic and hormone –free—a delicious difference you can taste and our seafood is fresh out of the ocean.
  2. Variety. When you’re looking for a taste of something new, a butcher’s market that specializes in the finest meats, poultry and seafood is the place to find exotic meats like camel or alligator, or twists on old favorites like specialty sausages.
  3. Advice. Interested in trying one of those exotic meats, but aren’t sure of the best way to prepare it? Like most butchers, we love preparing food and sharing ideas about it. (How should you prepare camel? Because of its leanness, it would be delicious in a nice chili.) Not sure what you want? That’s fine too. Come on in. We’ll ask a few questions to get an idea of what you might like and provide some suggestions. If that sounds good, you’ll leave with a complete recipe and meal preparation plan.
  4. Local products. While meat is the mainstay at your local butcher, we also offer a plethora of local goodies, from popular barbecue sauces, locally brewed beers, and North Carolina’s finest snacks and cookies.
  5. Tailoring. No more buying the amount of packaged meat that someone else has already determined you need. Instead, at a butcher, you tell us how much you want and we package that specifically for your requirements.


Come visit The Butcher’s Market this week and see what we have in store. We hope our quality and selection of meats and other products, knowledgeable team, personal service and friendly environment will make us a regular stop on your Saturday must-do errand list.