Who’s Behind The Butcher’s Market Meat Case?

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When you walk into The Butcher’s Market, you’ll receive a friendly hello and offer of help. We love to greet customers—new and repeat—and give them a tour of the store, introduce them to new food and help them create a great meal.

Here are some of the great folks you’ll see when you shop at The Butcher’s Market in our Cary location in Saltbox Village at 1225 Kildaire Farm Road.

Danny Zaffuto—Supervisor

Danny first came to The Butcher’s Market as a customer. From upstate New York, he was used to seeking out small, specialty stores, where he knew he could find the freshest products. With experience as a butcher and a talent for sausage making, it was only natural that he joined The Butcher’s Market as a supervisor and one of the head butchers 2 ½ years ago.

“Sausage making is fun because it’s hands on,” Danny says. He makes a variety of fresh sausages each week, using the same Cheshire pork and herbs sold in the store, with no added colors or fillers.

His favorite product at The Butcher’s Market? Steaks. “The steak selection is fresh and I know where it came from,” he says.

Next time you’re in the store, look for Danny (his name will be on the back of his hat), and ask him what tasty sausage to try this week.


Ian Cooper—Operations Manager

Although Ian covers the business side of the market—making sure the shop is fully stocked and all that entails—he’s certainly not tied to a back office. He also works behind the meat case so he can be visible and interact with customers.

Like Danny, Ian had been a customer at The Butcher’s Market before becoming an employee. With his background in the food and wine industry, he appreciated the quality of products and the customer service the store offered.

He enjoys helping new customers discover new foods and new techniques for cooking. “A customer can walk in never having grilled before and walk out knowing how to prepare a meal.”

But he also appreciates the experienced cooks who come in, already with an idea of what they want. “They enjoy bouncing different ideas off of the staff,” Ian says, such how to smoke different foods for competitive barbecues. These foodies find the quality of products, customer service and knowledge of the staff makes The Butcher’s Market a regular destination, Ian says.

Marcel Moore—Assistant Manager

Marcel may be a man of few words, but he uses those words to talk about food. As an assistant manager at The Butcher’s Market, he orders all the meats, checks the dates of the products in the case to ensure they are fresh, and creates different recipes for specialty items.

Marcel came to Cary from Charleston and has been at The Butcher’s Market for five years. Customers often have questions about the meat they are interested in buying, and Marcel has the answers. Where did the beef come from? Is the beef grass fed? Is it organic? What’s the difference?

His favorite suggestion? Petite sirloin. “It’s lean, takes a marinade and cooks well quickly,” Marcel says. Because of its leanness, it is a good choice for those on a Paleo diet, he adds.

New customers may come in to The Butcher’s Market for meat, but they leave with something more, Marcel says.

“They get the cut, information on how to cook it, how to serve it and suggestions about what they might want to get next time.”

Come to The Butcher’s Market in Cary for the freshest, tastiest meats, chicken and fish, as well as the best variety of gourmet products, all in a friendly, knowledgeable environment.