ISO—Something Different at The Butcher’s Market

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If you have a taste for something different for dinner, come see what the Butcher’s market has to tempt your taste buds.

Firing up the grill? Think about a burger made with ground bison. This meat, made from buffalo, is lean and packed with protein. Because it’s so lean, we recommend combining bison meat with lean ground beef (85%) to make a juicy, flavorful burger.

Like bison, kangaroo and wild boar are also lean, protein rich meats that add a bit of gamey flavor to your plate. Be sure not to overcook these meats: since they have so little fat, they can dry out quickly. Wondering what are some different ways to serve these exotic meats? How about a Paleo friendly apple and arugula bison burger? Or, maybe a serving of seared kangaroo with a raspberry glaze, or a grilled wild boar chop with a hint of lemon and rosemary?

If you want to bring the taste of a Brazilian steakhouse to your kitchen table, bring home a cut of picanha. This roast, similar to the tri-tip, can be grilled on a skewer or as separate steaks.

Perhaps your taste is for some thing lighter. Be sure to try cobia while it’s in the Market. Cobia is a popular game fish with a firm flesh and a mild taste. It’s delicious grilled!

In addition to meats and fish, the Butcher’s Market has a variety of other products that can bring a new flavor to your summer fun.

Give your grilled food a different taste with smoking wood chips. Try pecan or apple mesquite for a new twist. Or, add flavor using a locally produced barbecue or grilling sauce. Try the blueberry BBQ finishing sauce for a sweet but tangy treat.

Don’t forget our selection of local beers when you’re looking for a taste of something beyond the usual. How does the salty-sweetness of a chocolate peanut butter porter sound? Or, if you’re looking for pure refreshment, try a crisp, pale summer ale.

While experimenting with new foods is fun, it’s also nice to have the reliably delectable standbys. Our marinated chicken and beef tips and other meats are always winners. The refrigerated section is bursting with pastas, like crab and lobster ravioli, and with marinated vegetables, like corn, asparagus and green beans. These can round out your meal—or stand alone. In either case, they are a snap to fix and even easier to enjoy.

The Butcher’s Market always has new products and flavors to try, with helpful staff that can suggest exactly how to prepare your new selection. Whether in search of something new or familiar, the Butcher’s Market is the place to find something delicious.