Discover The Butcher’s Market This Weekend

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Have you been to The Butcher’s Market in Raleigh or Cary on the weekend lately? If not, you’re missing out on an adventure. You probably know The Butcher’s Market as one of the best places in the Triangle to find fresh seafood, quality meats, tasty sides and locally produced goodies.

But on weekends, many of our customers come in who are looking to walk slightly on the wild side, and The Butcher’s Market is happy to oblige by offering tastes of the unusual.

Looking for a change from salmon on the grill? How about some delicious shark, grilled, pan-fried or oven baked? Instead of the usual salmon, try grilling a colorful triggerfish. Mahi mahi, seasoned in a special cilantro lime marinade, makes a wonderfully easy and flavorful fish taco. (To prepare, just toss the mahi mahi in a frying pan and cook on medium-high for seven minutes.)

If pork seems too run of the mill, check out The Butcher’s Market’s sausages. From fresh chicken sausage with chipotle or spinach and herb, to sausages made from duck, venison or lamb, you’re sure to find something to wake up your taste buds.

Aside from meats, The Butcher’s Market always has new grocery items to try, like the variety of local barbecue sauces. And if you haven’t enjoyed some of our local craft summer beers, better do it soon before the fall flavors emerge. (Pumpkin beer anyone?)

Even though The Butcher’s Market offers new items, particularly on the weekends, you’ll still find your favorites all week long, whether it’s the famous marinated beef tips, fresh and local shrimp or crisp vegetable sides.

Another aspect of the shop that will never change is our service. Maybe you don’t already know what to do with shark or what’s an ideal side for chipotle flavored sausage. We can help. We love food. We love preparing it. We love talking about it. And we especially love eating it. Just ask anyone in the shop and we’ll gladly share our recommendations and advice. Whether you’re looking for a simple “heat and eat” or a more extensive preparation, you’ll leave feeling confident in preparing a tasty meal.

So this weekend, come take a step away from the tried and true. The Butcher’s Market has you covered.