Eating Paleo? Come to The Butcher’s Market

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Paleo. We hear it all the time, with the claim that by following this diet, people can lose weight and eat a simpler healthier diet. Short for Paleolithic, a time ranging from 2.5 million to 200,000 years ago, the Paleo diet is a modern take on eating the way of cavemen and women.

Back then, before an agricultural revolution brought the ability to farm crops, people ate only what they could hunt or gather. That meant foods like chicken, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and peanuts. No food additives. No preservatives. No dairy, no carbs or grains, and no sugar.

About Paleo

Fast forward to today. In the early 2000s, Dr. Lorne Cordain, author and expert on a natural human diet, began writing about the benefits of the Paleo diet. In this modern version, dieters follow seven fundamental characteristics to improve health, lose weight and decrease the risk of chronic illnesses.

The seven characteristics are:

* Higher protein intake—15% of diet that includes meat, seafood and other animal products.

* Lower carbs—35-45% of diet consists of non-starchy fresh fruit and vegetables.

* High fiber through non-starchy vegetables and fruits.

* Moderate to higher fat intake with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats for heart health.

* Higher potassium and lower sodium intake to improve function of heart, kidneys and other organs.

* Net dietary alkaline load that balances dietary acid to guard against bone and muscle loss and high blood pressure.

* More vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, available in meats and vegetables.

The website, The Paleo Diet suggests eating grass-produced meats, fish, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds and healthful oils, such as olive and walnut. It also suggests avoiding cereal grains, legumes, including peanuts, dairy, potatoes, and processed foods.

Although the Paleo diet has its supporters and critics, many leading health organizations recommend eating similar aspects of the diet, particularly with its focus on vegetables and fruits, fish, poultry and lean meat.

But we all know, following a diet – any diet—can be challenging if the food you’re supposed to eat doesn’t taste good or isn’t easy to prepare.

Find Paleo-Friendly Foods at The Butcher’s Market

We’re a natural stop for people following the Paleo diet. That’s because we offer grass-fed beef that is tender, flavorful and juicy—ready to throw on the grill or set to sizzle in a pan on the stove. Our poultry is raised cage free, antibiotic and hormone free. For fresh seafood, no place is better than The Butcher’s Market’s selection of salmon, shark, snapper, swordfish, ahi tuna and other treasures of the sea.

In addition to protein, our crisp fresh vegetables make it a snap to get your fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. We also get fresh eggs from local farmers, making it easy to put together a tasty, Paleo-approved meal.

If you’re looking for a tasty way to eat like a caveman, come do your hunting and gathering at The Butcher’s Market.