Standing Rib Roast Recipe

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Homemade Grass Fed Prime Rib Roast
  • Allow roast to come up to about room temperature. Preheat oven to 500°.
  • Season the roast with fresh cracked pepper and other herbs and spices. Little to no salt, as it could draw out the moisture. We recommend our House Seasoning.  
  • Place the roast with the fat cap side up (if bone-in, place bone down) in a roasting pan.
  • Preheat oven to 500°. Cook roast at 500° for only 20 min, for a good sear.
  • After 20 minutes REMOVE ROAST.
  • Drop the oven temperature to 250°.
  • Return roast to oven and cook for approximately 15 min per pound or internal temp is reached.
  • The best method is a leave-in thermometer. Push the thermometer into the center of the roast. Be sure not to push all the way through.
  • For Medium Rare remove roast at an internal temperature of 125°. • For Medium remove roast at internal temperature of 130°.
  • Let the roast rest for about 20 minutes, the temperature of the roast will rise 5° during the resting process. Slice and enjoy with a premium Au-Jus & Horseradish.