Rack of Lamb

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Lamb Rack

Preheat grill to 450-500 degrees. Or substitute a cast iron skillet on the stove-top, medium-high heat.

Create a marinade for the Lamb:

Dijon Mustard Black pepper Minced Garlic, Oil of your choice, fresh Rosemary, the Butcher’s Market House Seasoning.

Mix the ingredients together to create a paste the consistency of mayonnaise.

Trim Fat off Lamb Rack: To fabricate (trim the fat) the Lamb Rack, locate the fat cap on the top of the rack, place your knife or finger beneath the fat, and pull back about 2 inches.

Next, lay your knife flat on the now exposed meat and cut the remaining fat cap off of the meat, keeping your knife on top of the rib bones.

(PRO TIP: Instead of using cooking spray or butter, keep the fat you just trimmed. This can be used as a delicious alternative to oiling up the grill or pan).

Lastly, with your knife, trim the thin layer of silver skin off the loin. Now you have removed the skin & fat so you’re left with a beautiful, pink rack of lamb.

Cut into Lollipops: Between each rib cut so that each bone is individually sliced. Will be 3-4 inches in size.

Marinate the meat: Using the marinade you created, cover each lollipop on both sides and allow to marinate while you prepare your grill or about 15-30 mins.

Cook: On your high heat grill or cast iron skillet, let the fat cap render down & oil the cooking surface. Sear for 1-2 minutes on each side.

Enjoy your Lamb Rack Steak of the Month!