Background and Benefits of Meat

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Bite of Meat on Fork

Over the past decade, meat-based diets have had major criticism from advocates within the food industry. However, it has been proven that a lack of meat within your diet can drastically impact protein, iron, and other nutrient levels in your body. The Butcher’s Market wants to provide you with an explanation as to why people choose meat-based regimes, in addition to the background knowledge and benefits of these diets.

The success of a meat-based diet heavily depends on where you purchase your meats. People have to do their own research and factor in whether the meat they’re purchasing is natural fed, and unprocessed or processed. The human body is a unique machine that requires frequent maintenance and care. Meats are not only delicious but nutritious, which is why people choose to pursue these types of heavy diets. To start, our bodies were built to process healthy fats, which are found in meats. In the early years of humankind, people survived and thrived off of meat-based diets, which eventually helped evolve human brain development.

Incorporating a meat-based diet plan within your schedule can build up your Omega-3 levels. You can also increase muscle mass and body strength in your creatine levels by eating meat. This allows your body to reserve and recycle Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body cells, which transfer chemical energy for your body’s metabolism. Meats also have carnosine, found in animal tissues that protect against degenerative processes in your body. Studies have found that carnosine levels in meats help the overall brain and body development with preventative elements against aging illnesses such as, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

The most nutritious vitamins, B3, B6, B12, iron, zinc, and selenium, are all found in unprocessed meats. These vitamins are heavily connected with brain development, and a deficiency in your body’s B vitamins, can cause major problems. For example, some side effects and symptoms due to a lack of B12 in your system can influence memory loss, depression, and fatigue. By planning and implementing a meat-based meal plan, you are able to build healthy fats, body mass and B12 levels that plant-based diets would not be able to provide in a diet plan.