Exclusive Membership



With your Exclusive Membership you will receive a
Fresh Never Frozen Hand-cut Steak every month.

July: Cowboy Ribeye 

August: Cheshire Porterhouse Chop 

September: T-Bone w Blue Cheese Bacon Butter 

October: Bavette 

November: Tri Tip 

December: Dino Beef Ribs 

Bonus: Choice of Potato or Pasta Salad
Bonus: Choice of Broccoli or Kale Salad
Bonus: Burgundy Wine Marinated Mushrooms


NEW THIS YEAR we are including a HOW TO VIDEO every month with Chef Eric Gephart check him out here 



HOW DO I ENROLL? Purchase a 2021 Steak of the Month card right here by clicking below or visit one of our Triangle locations.


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  1. I just ordered one Steak of the Month membership and am about to order a second for the same address. This is not an error. The family will need two steaks each month.

    Thanks, S. Hale

    1. Hello Sam,

      Thank you so much for your orders. I hope you have received them both by now and that you enjoy your cuts each month.
      We certainly look forward to seeing you.

  2. My significant other and I are not particularly heavy eaters and would be having sides with each of these orders. Would one membership be enough for the majority of the months or are these geared to feeding just one person?


    1. Yes every month we can bring it to the car/ trunk.
      Just call and we will bring it out.
      Punch Card must be presented and punched at time of pick up. Maybe that could be left in the trunk

  3. In the Additional Details, it says Steaks are not shipped and you must retrieve them in store each month. However, for checkout, there are two options referring to shipping $$ and speed. Can you clarify?

    1. Hey there,

      Thank you for asking.
      If you purchase the Steak of the Month online we will mail you the Membership Card that would be used to pick up the steaks in store each month.

    1. Thank you for asking.
      There are no substitutions per say, but if you don’t pick up anyone of the cuts you will get a $20 credit for each cut that didn’t get picked up during the six months. Those credits are then available in July toward meat purchases.
      I wouldn’t shun that to much, I know it sounds a bit out there but its not, and after you season it and braise it….yum!

  4. Hello!
    I purchased a steak of the month membership online on 12\2\2020.
    When can I expect the punch card to arrive?
    (I tried to purchase in the shop but they were not available)


    1. Hi Kimberly,
      We had just received our printed copy of the cards in the office on Monday 12/7. We mailed it out immediately same day. You should have it by end of the week.

  5. I’m ordering this as a gift and having it sent directly to the recipient. Do you include any instructions with the punch card?

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for asking. Yes the Membership Card is very clear on how to redeem the monthly cuts and how to find How To cooking instructions.

  6. I purchased this for my Son-in-law for Christmas. He has enjoyed it immensely!!! Thank you so much for constantly great quality, superb customer service and for “being a cut above” other purveyors. We are butcher market customers for life!

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